Empirical proof?...

By Vichara

We are desire or should I say we all seem to need empirical proof of some guiding hand or deity where we can possibly find solace or guidance. Some believe that the indication of something bigger than us will come with much fanfare. With others there is no waiting and all the proof we need is here already. Hell, for me I was kind of hoping in a simplistic way that the treasured wind chimes that belonged to my deceased mother that now hangs just outside the window of my “sitting” room would chime, letting me know that she is “out there” and watching over me. Maybe there is nothing out there. Perhaps it is so subtle that we can’t see or feel it. Then again maybe its strength is in the subtlety and transparence. I think that it is not in any of these and the true guidance is in each one of us but unless we use the tool of compassion to unite we may never see the full potential. Oh and by the way as I writing this, the wind chimes did ring for a moment.

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