Compassionate wake...

By Vichara

We take in one breath; we give out one breath. We take in one good act; we give out one good act. Wait a minute…do you? Have you reached some kind of balance like this? Do you return to the world a positive / good act when you know that you have received one yourself? It doesn’t necessarily need to be an exact equal. There is not a requirement that all gestures need to be grand in return. I’m only checking in with not only myself but with all of you as well. Even just simple genuine smiles that acknowledge the other person’s existence and at least let them know that you know. You know that truly the only path of fulfilled existence is not to take these moments of breathing and reading these words given to us for granted. That you know that even when the obstacles that do seem to trip us up that we will be able to recognize these obstacles. And in this act can rise up taller with a compassionate gait and traverse them with minimal effort. Be cognizant of the wake from your existence and make an effort to ply these waters with a little more compassion today.

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