Measurements of love...

By Vichara

Is there a measuring device that gives you a tangible measurement of how much you love another individual? A system of weights and measures where you could place the degree of affection on a balanced instrument and it would detail back the proof of how much? When you tell a loved one how much you love them is there a degree in the pitch and timbre that assures them how much you do? What degree of conviction will ensure that the strength of your love is felt and understood? Perhaps the only way that this could be achieved is in a unified consistency regardless of incidents and circumstances. We all know that there will be times when things will happen that will make you or others question the degree of love but all of those are temporary. When it comes down to it I guess the only way to measure love is knowing…that you can. Great gestures of love are obvious but even what may be perceived as a small gesture can turn the world of one heart.

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