Reflection as a powerful tool...

By Vichara

Reflection is a powerful tool. Out of chaos comes those moments of lucidity that will guide your heart and hands to a neutral space. A neutral place where answers, solutions and just plain common sense resides. Here is a suggestion for you today. Everyone should stop for at least 30 minutes from doing anything and just sit and think. Now daydreaming while driving the car doesn’t count. I’m talking about finding a spot wherever you feel comfortable and somewhere with little distractions and just reflect, think and allow the channel that gets closed down with all of our activities to be open even if it is just a little while. Our days can sometimes get shot out of a cannon and the frenetic energy of communication devices keeps propelling us in many directions and talking to people who are not even there. Turn them ALL off! Let them sit idle for awhile and allow the natural synapse that engage your brain to breathe and give back to you what is rightfully yours – thought.

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