These layers of protection...

By Vichara

For most of us we are very lucky to wake surrounded by a physical structure that protects us. The wood, metal, paint, plaster and tiles that are skillfully layered to layer us with a barrier to the outside elements. For some others, not so lucky. In additions to these layers that protect us we also have another set. Our skin, hair, bones, blood and nails provide the protection of an internal physical form. All of these layers of protection to protect what? This tangled, complicated collection of internal organs that we call me and you. Is all the intricate latticework that make these miraculous things called me and you worth all of this? Unless we are contributing even in a small positive way I am not sure. Those of us who are older can look back and review the catalog of our lives to assess the net worth of our actions and determine our contribution. This who are younger can take stock of where they have been so far and making a commitment to integrity and compassion in the future. Making a pact with themselves as we all should no matter what our position in life is and to respect this opportunity we have been given with these bodies and minds. No matter where you are on this planet let us try to do something today to help someone or something out in a positive way. It sometimes seem so easy to be selfish and harder to give. Easy to destroy, harder to create. But let's try to reverse this even in a small way to justify all of this hard work it took to build these layers of protection.

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