A new book for all...

By Vichara

We have a very clever “universe”. At a certain time in our lives we all search for a bit of meaning of why we are “here”. In our faiths and religions we seek answers from the pages and voices that are around us from the past. One will tell you that their “path” is the one to follow. On will say that their knowledge is more direct and closer to the source than others. Another will ask you give up worldly possessions and others will advocate acquiring more. Each feels that they are right. What if…and I’m just thinking out loud here…that everyone is right. What if each branch, each faith, each doctrine, each path has the answers? What if each one was just a single page that fits into a much larger book? This book has never been put together before because each one has been holding on tightly to the single page of their faith. What if all of these could be bound together? I believe that if it could be done we would all find the key element that will bind all of these together is, Love. Yes that can sound a bit naïve and simple but you look at the faces of people when they are truly happy. No matter what the belief when Love is apparent all the walls and barriers of faiths and religions are transcended and love and compassion bind our hearts into on giant congregation.

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