It does have a purpose...

By Vichara

We hold on to that one cup of water so tight in fear that we sometimes don’t realize that there is a whole ocean right behind us. We assume limitations when there is the contrary that is ever-present. We hang on to the “fear” because for some that has been the most tangible thing that has been present. With fear you will always have limitations and restrictions on how far your heart and mind will travel. I would venture a guess that you do not want these limitations. So let’s start with a basic premise. Your sheer existence here on this planet is not to just be here and disappear. Your presence here is to learn, discover, experience and to teach, share and unite all of this with others. If you focus on the fears and limitations you will miss out on all that you were entitled to experience. Yes entitled but not in the gimme, gimme, you owe me kind of way. You are not just a weed that springs up and disappears. Even a weed has a purpose to return the nutrients back to the soil that it was given.

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