In one great inhalation...

By Vichara

In one great inhalation a few hundred thousand are born and in one great exhalation a couple hundred thousand die in one day. In one breath an idea is formed and on exhalation the idea is gone. In one inhalation love is found and in one exhalation it is gone. What matters here is not so much the igniting or the extinguishing of any of these, this will happen regardless. What is important is the in-between part. In one moment your heart is awakened to another heart and the freefall of events and experiences catapult you into years of heartache and joy. In a flicker of the moment the idea that you needed turns the corner and it greets you with a smile. With the manifestation of this idea hopefully many will be inspired by yours and ignite their idea. In one great moment a cry of life starts a journey that will hopefully ignite both love and ideas and then on the other side of the world the last breath occurs and the baton is passed. The objective: when it is passed – just do your best.

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