No room for...

By Vichara

One day on this very sunny and pleasant afternoon a few friends were out for a picnic near a lovely lake. The lake wasn’t that big, in fact you could see the other shore quite clearly and you could almost yell to someone on the other shore if you chose to do so. Among these friends none would do so. Anyway everyone was having a wonderful time, telling stories, laughing, enjoying the flora and fauna and reveling in each other’s company. At one point as they were snacking on the wonderful strawberries one of them saw a boat full of friends having a great time and one said “oh let’s rent a boat and take this fun out on the water”. So in the rented boat they went. Enthusiasm carried the basket and helped Gratitude into the boast first. Then Frivolity reached out a hand for Sensibility. Fortitude had no trouble getting in but watched over Escapism as he gingerly balanced his way aboard. The boat sunk down a little more when Experience got on board which made everyone’s head turn and they all looked to the dock as the last friend was stepping forward. With a weary look Doubt looked to the eyes of his friends and stepped back. That is why when you are traveling Life’s waters and things could get rough; there is no room for Doubt.

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