A new vantage point...

By Vichara

The innocence of the heart can only be revealed when chronic skepticism is torn from the fabric of the person and an open space is created for the heart to discover that it really is not a truly bad world. Bad comes from indifference and the lack of compassion. When your vision is refracted by intolerance and dismissive behavior it becomes myopic and you will always have great difficulty in connecting with the world in a truly meaningful manner. While a innocent heart can be interpreted or viewed as naïve and Pollyanna like the vision from this vantage point is much more expansive and is filtered with much more acceptance. But if you prefer to live in a narrow hallway that has little to choose from or to see that is your choice. My guess is that for the most opening up the expansive window or vision with innocence is preferable and more enjoyable than existing in the hallway of indifference.

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