Are you present?...

By Vichara

We tend not to notice “it” unless “it” doesn’t work. In this case the “it” is time we have been given…life. I was listening to a doctor discussing the many patients he deals with that have Alzheimer’s disease. With each hour, day and week for these people they lose parts of memory and recognition. For those of us who remember old analog tapes (cassettes and yes even 8-Tracks), it is like having complete or parts of songs erased…for good never to be returned or remembered. So yes this turning out to be a “being present” thought. That engagement of love given to you by your husband / wife / friend, be present with it now. That sense of joy of a new discovery, be present it with it now. That song that is connecting with your heart be present with it now. Be present now because this moment will not be here later.

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