Smoke & mirrors...

By Vichara

So much smoke and mirrors. We have been conditioned to believe most of what we see is the reality we need. But if we dare to look behind the curtain we will see the wizard(s) pushing buttons and pulling levers to manipulate how they want us to think and feel. For the most part we know this but there is a tendency to ignore this truth and shrug it off like someone shooing away a bothersome fly. The thing is the fly or flies will always come back. Now I’m not saying we should cloister ourselves but always keep in mind that for the most part what we see is someone else’s folly. What I am suggesting, if you are so inclined and up for the challenge, is to take of the day and put aside the smoke and mirrors. Shut it all off and anchor yourself with your own thoughts and feelings and breathe. Find a place, even for a little while, where you can be the “director” and not be controlled by the wizard.

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