The cautionary clock...

By Vichara

It’s funny we will gauge from the weather outside what protection we will need for our physical bodies but there are many times that we blindly enter situations without protection for our heart. It may not be totally that reckless but there are times we do not button up the cautionary cloak. We can sometimes see things heading our way by certain emotional tremors that could be radiating but we may ignore them. In those cases you have nobody else to blame if there is emotional upset. You are solely responsible to make that trip to the emotional closet as you encounter situations that could have an impact. We all have experienced those for some reason that seek and exploit the weakness in others. Do not give them this opportunity or pleasure. It is in their deluded actions that will fracture their foundation and lead to their fall. If you wear the jacket of integrity and compassion it will protect you from the elements of emotional storms.

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