And over here is...

By Vichara

You can’t argue with the Past, it’s just the way it is with everyone. The Past thinks it knows everything and will border on being truly rude to make that point. Sometimes the Past is even smug and will take every chance it can get to bring up things that you want to forget and that were painful. Oh there can be moments when the Past will allow some good things to slip past the radar but this is only at the insistence of the Future. Even though the Future may seem docile it can be confused and even antagonistic. The Future just can’t help itself because the ground is constantly changing below its feet. Over in the window seat in the café observing this ping-pong match of energies is the Present. Yes there is a serene nature the Present has and you find yourself gravitating to it for some reason. It knows that the Past exists and that the Future will be soon but for right now it is quite content to be full engaged in what is going on right now

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