The empirical proof...

By Vichara

We need empirical proof. As much as we romantize about living or having faith we ultimately need to have empirical proof on many levels. We want to assume and believe that things will be done and entrust others with tasks and responsibilities but because things are interconnected we need proof. On a physical level most of the time the empirical is relatively easy to produce but on the metaphysical level far greater. We need a meal to eat so we gather ingredients, cook them and the meal appears. Try to have a greater understanding and that there is meaning and guidance to “this” all is much more difficult. It is not like you can purchase a GPS unit that leads you to esoteric answers. Of course this presumes you want answers but I would venture a guess you do. So where does this leave us? With need of the empirical – painted in the corner with faith. Consider faith being a boat. You know that by trial and testing that the boat floats…for the most part. So you climb aboard given that understanding as you push off from the dock you ultimately realize that the boa

t is only as sturdy as you build it. You are the draftsman, carpenter and captain and sometimes that is all the empirical proof you will have.

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