Answered prayers?...

By Vichara

“Les anges punissent en repondant aux prier.” (The gods / angels punish us by answering our prayers) Whenever we would eat too much as kids my dad would say, “your eyes are much bigger than your belly”. Of course when at that early age we would run to the mirror to see if this was true. Confused we would shake our heads and come back for another scoop of ice cream. We get older, we dream, we wish and pray but much the grander things we desire have replaced the simple request for an extra scoop of ice cream. We believe that obtaining these grander things that it will change our lives, make it better and be the answer to our prayers. So we push and pray and then either out of he universe being exhausted or clicking of the tumblers you get what you prayed for. But wait this is not exactly what you thought it would be. There is suddenly much more to be responsible for, more people to answer and more things to deal with than before. You desire less but it’s too late, this is not just an extra scoop of ice cream. Be careful what you wish for. Unless the resolve is there it will be a burden, not a blessing.

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