The Bank Of Compassion..

By Vichara

What if wealth was not measured by coin, paper and the traditional tangible means? What if wealth was measured by acts of compassion? What if the more compassionate you were to fellow humans and life in general the more you would be perceived as successful? I know that would be considered a fantasy and being na├»ve but consider a currency not based on something physically tangible but a currency derived from the creativity of our actions to be good to each other. The bank that would hold our riches would be embodied…well, in our bodies and minds. The exchange of this currency would not need ATM machines and as long as you exercise you’re compassionate heart the more your account remains solvent. An investment in compassion in produces compassion and there would be no restriction of how much you could invest. I know it is crazy to think this way but I think it is even crazier not to think this way.

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