The only purpose?...

By Vichara

Have you fulfilled what you believe to be your purpose in being here on this planet? Do you think that you have a purpose for being here? I have often thought that being brought onto this “stage” that is called being human that there were things set in motion for each one of lives here that we were meant to do. Remember when you were a kid and people would say things like he’s so good at that he’s going to be “X” or she will more than likely is “Y”? Then expectation kick in and years later the echoes of what they declared did not come to be true. Although it is romantic to believe that certain destinies can come true I believe that this impermanent world creates too many variables and like waves is constantly changing the landscape. I think the most important thing I have learned after 5 decades is that after the wave recedes back and reveals whatever is next that the core of what you retain, what you carry with you is the integrity of just being a good person. Sounds simplistic but if you retain this simple measure all of the waves will crash and recede and this will still stand. Perhaps that is our only purpose and the rest is just window dressing. Not sure…it’s just a thought.

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