The Terms Of Acceptability...

By Vichara

...we have now reached the clause ion our "Human Existence" contract called the "Terms Of Acceptability" (TOA).  Before you sign this contract it would be most beneficial if you you were aware what this clause means.  The TOA lists several points that all must agreed to or else it is recommended that you don't sign. 
----------- Terms Of Acceptability------------

- Will you stand by and watch while people suffer?
- Will you accept the lies and deception that is presented to you?
- Will you trust that everything you see and hear from all resources to be true?
- Will you keep an open mind and try to listen to what the many faiths and religions are saying?
- Will you teach and give others what is truly in your heart?
- Will you to your best ability approach all that you meet with love and compassion?

If you can accept all of these that I recommend as your spiritual legal consul to sign and step forward.  If you cannot then I would suggest asking for change from not only you but from all of those around that you meet.  Contracts can be tricky things but what is even trickier is our personal self delusion that all is good around us.  If you eyes are open, open them further and let us attempt to forge a new agreement with all that you meet.  A contract of compassion.

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