Your course...

By Vichara

The past is inescapable but the future is yours to design. I know that some of you believe that there could be an element of pre-determination and tat you may need to just accept what comes you way. Don’t be discouraged by circumstances, they are put there to assist in the re-configuring of your path. Ultimately the steps forward are determined by you and you alone. You do have a choice. You could fritter away your precious time away in discursive activities, mindless entertainment and general laziness or you could take back what you believe may have been taken from you and set your own course. Fill your sails with determination and integrity and use the wheel of compassion to chart your life. There may have been things left in the wake of your life that you may have not been too proud of but now you need to turn your attention to the bow and the future that you want.

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