By Vichara

It has been written and proclaimed that “God” is a truly kind entity / presence and nothing can come from God except goodness and kindness. So which begs the question if nothing but goodness is attributable to God who is responsible for the bad? What if there is no other entity as identified in literature and spiritual texts as the “Devil” and that all of the troubles and negative conditions are as a result of our own human deviation from a more unified loving, compassionate, supportive human existence that we are given at birth to a selfish, manipulative one. Where in that after centuries of fighting, hatred and non-unity we have personally mutated conditions that have spun out of control. If we cannot place the blame on some so-called evil persona how do we create a more trustful, compassionate existence? How do we turn back the majority of what we have created and live a more unified life? I truly don’t have all the answers but I think it goes back to yesterday’s “thought” and perhaps we need forge a new agreement with all that you meet, a contract of compassion. That may be a start.

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