By Vichara

I have nothing to say today…ok except maybe one thing…we live in a world where we are always crossing bridges. I don’t mean bridges in a literal sense either but bridges of trust, love, compromise, faith and understanding. We sometimes stand at the foot of these bridges with apprehension and uneasiness. Some of us may even turn back from crossing some of these bridges but you know what happens. We think we are clever and believe we can find another route around, another way to approach these uneasy crossings but we always end up back at the same bridge. These bridges can be daunting and look like they go for a great distance. Some may even do traverse a great chasm and could take some time to cross but here is something to keep in mind. Just as in the physical life bridges are constructed to cross difficult terrain and the bridges that present themselves are brought to you to help you cross emotional terrain. They are not brought into view to intimidate you but to aid you to cross over and access the understanding you need to discover. Yes some of these bridges may have a toll booth but I would venture a guess that the amount to be paid to cross over is much better than to be stuck on this side of the bridge and never cross over.

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