Our spiritual muscle...

By Vichara

To use our physical bodies effectively we need exercise (at least at a minimum). To use our brains effectively we must stimulate (at least at a minimum). To use our spirit effectively we reach out to areas beyond the physical realm but not at least at a minimum. Our spiritual muscles need much more exercise than 50 push-ups or reading one article on truths. Our spiritual muscle needs daily nourishment and attention. You can in some ways slack off on the physical movements but if you want to be effectively present your spiritual muscle requires more. But here is the thing you should know if you don’t already. Your spiritual muscle needs more than just the written word to stay in shape and effective. You see in each and every one of us is an integral part of a much larger spiritual muscle. Our spiritual muscle needs, requires and is best when we connect and commune in an open and compassionate manner with fellow spiritual athletes. The more we connect with others, the stronger we collectively become. The stronger we get the more humane we become beyond doctrine, written text and misguided teachers. You see our spiritual muscle needs us all to work together in order to be happy, healthy and wise. OK, so drop and give your spiritual muscle a workout today.

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