Stoking the engine...

By Vichara

When you are designing your life it helps to have a greater vision with an end point in mind. I was told this many, many years ago. I stressed and obsessed about this and was deeply concerned that I had no idea how to design anything in my life. I thought books may be the key and so I dove into various pools of thought. Sure I got wet with words printed on the pages but I must admit that there were times I felt I was drowning. There were others suggesting various faiths and that their faith would hold the key for me. Sure all of them were inspiring in their own way but I was not inspired by the dogmas and conditions that were part of these faiths. Was I being difficult? Probably but if your search and your journey is important to you are you willing to settle for anything less than the path that inspires you? I would think not. Very important to note here even if you have heard it before that the path that your heart will steer you on will never be straight and easy. There will always be twists and turns but in these twists and turns will be the catalyst of inspiration. I believe if you stoke the engine of your life with “C,L,R” (compassion, love & respect) it will propel you with enough energy down this path of your search and to any end point you may envision for your self. One thing, don’t forget to look out the windows and to the scenery along the way.

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