The fuse is lit...

By Vichara

I would like to take a moment to quote from one of my favorite spiritual writers, Eknath Easwaran. If you are not familiar with this wonderful professor I highly recommend his writings.

“So much energy is spent on trying to rise above the fray in order to understand our place in our own lifetime. We are also bound by the limitations that time places on our body and mind. With the fuse lit when we are born we most of the time fail to see the lit fuse until there is very little of it before we combust from this world to the next.”

I know that it may seem difficult to do but try to recognize that your “fuse” is lit. Not to create a heightened sense of urgency but to enhance the quality of each moment. To elevate the presence of each day from a series of mundane moments to a cavalcade of joy.

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