Your level of openness...

By Vichara

…and then it may go like this; you are walking along minding your own business, not troubled in your comfy shoes and you trip. There was no object in front of you, no sudden blinding light or loud noise. It was this occasional acquaintance called cognizant reality. Oh it may appear to be non-threatening and it may even have an air of friendliness to it but you know behind that neutral demeanor that there is a message going to be delivered to you. Just like when you open this web link you don’t know what you will encounter. What will this message be? What will it want to convey to you? All of these encounters and what they may want to offer to you will be solely dependent on your level of acceptance. Duh! of course you say to yourself. But you may be surprised that sometimes that a great message may be delivered to you and because of your level of openness appear blank to you. I know I am stating the obvious but I thought I would take this forum to remind ourselves to be a little more open to the world around us and what it offers to us everyday…if we listen.

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