Be the "fire"...

By Vichara

“Be the fire”. This is what a friend suggested to me yesterday. I know that she was not suggesting to burn things or irritate others but to be engulfed in the passionate fire of life. How many of us can say that we get consumed in the flames of beliefs, causes or even our recreational excursions as we live each day? Realistically most of our time is dedicated to making a living and paying the bills for things we believe we need or can’t live without. Obviously there are the sustaining items that we need to get by like food and shelter. But can we still ignite and retain a fire beyond all of that? Here is the key; this fire does not necessarily need to be saving the planet for any of the various troubled causes, although that would be fine. I am thinking of igniting the passionate flame for even the smaller things like teaching a child about the amazing world of literature, creating a bountiful garden to share or creating something artistic to make you smile deep inside. Even at the smaller scale this fire can be as grand as any world cause but it will be your own heart sustaining it.

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