Minefield of doubt...

By Vichara

When you are walking into a minefield of doubt you have two choices. Let this delusion guide your hands and heart so you only move incrementally or dismantle each mine using careful honesty with yourself to clear the path, free yourself and move forward. Some of these mines will be small and when seen for what they are can be removed with ease. Others will probably take great courage to find the mechanism and the right colored wire to cut. Without a doubt each one of us does have the tools and ability to accomplish this task. If we don’t we may need to ask for assistance. Ahhh, but you are saying to yourself “how can I be sure and trust the assistance, I have doubt”. A valid question but (and you knew there was going to be a “but”) when there is honest intent to dismantle these mines and if there is a need for assistance the honest mechanics will show up to help. However, regardless of the assistance you receive it is you that will need to snip the final wire of doubt for each mine that lies before you.

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