I want it now!...

By Vichara

I want it and I want it now! Honk! Honk! Move! Honk! I can’t wait for this! How much longer can this take? Patience has gone from being a virtue to a luxury. It has become something that is squeezed in between that latte and a left-turn in a busy intersection. In the daily tableau of activity things have become just a click away. Micro waved in 30 seconds in a world with 800 channels with no time for a break. We have been convinced that this need for speed is now a requirement of our lives. Waiting has become so “old school” that you would be embarrassed to wait for anything. Behave, believe or invest into this mind set if you wish all that clicking will only give you a fleeting apparition of what you want to know. To really “see”, “hear” and “feel” you need to slow down. Anything that requires you to experience it that quickly is not worth it and lacks substance.

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