Smoke & Mirrors...

By Vichara

While there are many things that may seem out of our influence, there are still things that we can be thankful for on a daily basis. While there are those that choose to bicker and fight in a sophomoric childish way there is still an ability among us to work together with resolve. While there are some truths that many around us fail to see we must still treat each other with love, compassion and patience. Without these last bastions of hope, these abilities that may be inert in some the fabric of existence will be torn beyond repair. The truth is that we all have the ability but our focus is deflected daily by extraneous distractions from our ego and those (and they know who they are) that place the “smoke and mirrors” in our way to discovery. You in all of the countries reading this, Germany, Poland,

Russia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Ukraine, Latvia, France, the UK, Israel, Canada, Spain, India, the Netherlands, Australia, here in the US and everywhere have these abilities. Don’t get overwhelmed; it is in the small acts of compassion that great things are born and every one of us has these abilities. One small wave joins another small wave and another until these waves of compassion join together for change. It is up to you.

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