Our guidance system...

By Vichara

Our body is a time machine created for a single journey. We see the events of history, the joys of life, the tragic and the beauty all from these ocular cells placed strategically in this organic collection of cells, blood and bones. When this machine is new it is awkward and not easy to manipulate. With no written users manual to guide us how to use this machine we sometimes will have system errors and will damage some of the moving parts. A re-boot or rest will rectify things to its almost original order. The on-board memory system is truly a remarkable piece of this machine. It somehow has built-in remnants of historical data that can moralistically guide this machine through sets of problems and circumstances and increase the wisdom of its guidance components. Studies and historical data do tell us that we need to use these machines wisely. We must pay attention how we utilize this machine and use the upgrades of Love, Patience and Compassion to its full functionality. This machine runs better with these and complies with all necessary state and universal regulations.

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