It will be you...

By Vichara

We all want to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Some entity that would at these vulnerable moments sweep down and resolve whatever issues may be afflicting us. But as far as I know for the most part this does not happen. There is no physical entity that has magical powers and will travel down some rainbow light beam and “poof” fixes all things. Of course I could be completely wrong about this but the one entity that I know can change things is…you. Yes my friends when it all comes down to it, when you walk out on the proverbial battlefield, when you walk out on the street at high noon it will be you. Now I’m not saying you may not have garnered some help along the way but when it all comes down to the end, in the final decision it is you that believe in you. So until that magical entity sweeps down into your life I’m saying look to you first and last as any decision you make will need to be something only you can live with.

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