The light...

By Vichara

We all took a vote and we have decided that today is your day to be happy. That’s right! It is your day to turn the corner of on regrets, on troubles, on the things that have been like little pebbles in your shoes that don’t seem to go away. But you say what about all those things; they’re all still there right? Sure they are and they will all take their own sweet time to remind you every step of the way. They do exist but they only exist in the light that you give them and I would venture a pretty good guess that most of them exist in the light of the “past”! This light is hard to control or regulate as it is tempered by so many influences that are constantly changing. Then there are other troubles that you place in the light of the “future”. This light is even harder to control because no one, absolutely no one knows where the controls are located. So where does that leave you in the light of this recent vote we took this morning? Right here and right now that’s where and that is where we should plant all of our feet when we get up. Sure it is simplistic and to some considered naïve but that is a light of “judgment” and that is a whole other thing. For now take the results of the votes from this morning and be happy and present. In this light things will be a little easier to sort through, organize and find the answers you are looking for not today.

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