What is yours...

By Vichara

What is yours is yours for a limited time. Each of what you accrue and accumulate will be gone from the physical grasp you know one day. Some things that will age will deteriorate and fall apart through the normal process of impermanence but even the things held dear and kept will be gone. Things will be dispersed, things will reverently be passed on and some things will just be thrown out. And what of all of this, these things that were considered scared and special hold any meaning? None, as they are just physical items. What truly has weight and merit is the wake of your legacy. Even the smallest wave has presence in the world. The word legacy does conjure up images in the grandest scale but a person’s legacy can be as small as one act of kindness but still have an enormous impact. Never discount your contribution but be cognizant of what you may leave behind. Endeavor to have your waves propelled by acts of compassion and kindness for the New Year because those can never be taken away from you.

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