Waiting for Godot...

By Vichara

I find in a number of ways we are all like the characters in the Samuel Beckett play “Waiting For Godot”. We at times are anticipating the arrival of “something” but it fails to show. We bicker and pass time in an endless round of self-deception and mindless viewing while a cast of characters mill in and out filling the canvas of life with muted colors and incomprehensible conjectures. What to do, what to do…nothing. Nothing can be done, we must wait for Godot. What is Godot anyway, God, a wish unfulfilled, an answer to a life puzzle? And as we wait, sitting in just one place taunting our existence with self pity and delusions of grandeur we miss out what may be just pass that Tree and around the corner. Get up Vladimir; put your boots on Estragon, Godot is not coming. You must go to it. Get up it’s around the corner for all of us.

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