Try a little harder...

By Vichara

We will need to try harder. I can imagine a great number of you reading this start to fidget and “click” away and say to yourself “ahhh, I don’t need more responsibilities, I need less”. This is not asking you to shoulder the burden of the world all by yourself. That would be unfair and impossible. What is being proposed is that while we may believe we may not be able to do anymore there is always that hidden element that will assist you in doing so. For the most part our lives are not that difficult when it truly comes down to it. Those reading this via electronic means most likely have ample food and comforts. Trying harder is not relinquishing these things in your life but finding at least one way, one thing, one act that will lead you out of the cellar of indifference into the light of awareness. Once you have gained this perspective incorporate that simple act that has presented itself to you into the fabric of your life. With trying a little harder we can make things a little easier for those around us and for ourselves.

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