A new workout...

By Vichara

I as struck with an amusing (well at least to me and maybe you) moment as I was riding the stationary bike at home this morning. Letting my mind wander while I rode I briefly glanced at the display screen in front of me. On the left side printed in a swooping typeface was the words “Zone Training” but with my wandering mind I mistook it as saying “Zen Training” and with a big grin my mind mused on this. What if there was a pedaling machine that was used in Zen training. You would get up in the early hours of the morning, light some incense, conduct your prostrations and then get on and pedal your way to enlightenment. The more you pedal the more your lungs and mind open up to the universe and expand your consciousness. The more miles you pedal the further your ability to comprehend life, the universe and everything. Channels of perception will open up to vistas of awareness and from all the revolutions of the pedals a greater sense of your purpose. Now that’s what I call a workout!

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