The spark...

By Vichara

You are probably not going to like this at all. Besides being Monday there is something else that you need to be concerned about that is very important. I’m not sure how to broach this and I’m not even sure I should. Perhaps in exposing this it could have a reaction in you and others and create a profound change. Ok, after all I have a responsibility to pass this that is given to me and let you judge. “So you breathe, so you live. So you create and from creation come inspiration. From inspiration is the spark you will share and help those around you.” Each and every one of us has this ability and it is stirring as you read this. Do not discount or diminish this ability because it has the power to transform even the smallest way. This ability to give and receive compassion is the key to unlocking the channels of perception. As when these are open the unification of the spirit we share grows stronger, you heart opens more and we transcend the disruptive and useless pettiness we encounter. Breathe and ignite this spark

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