Our three pound wonder...

By Vichara

A typical brain contains about 100 billion neurons, consumes a quarter of the body’s oxygen and spends most of the body’s calories even though it only weighs about three pounds. For something so little it uses a lot doesn’t it? The question is are you getting your money’s worth. Are you engaging your brain enough besides the general YouTubing, texting while walking and indulging in watching endless hours of American Idol auditions? Sure you need a perceived balance to justify and believe you need these activities but are you reaching out and stretching the capabilities of this 3-pound wonder? Are you pushing little guy into warp drive? We are all guilty of not pushing our super computers enough but we could all do better. Take a flashlight of curiosity and investigation and give the grey matter a little more of a workout with something new. Light up a path of new knowledge and wonder and get those neurons all fired up!

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