Leaving your mark...

By Vichara

Sometimes leaving your mark in this world is a simple as saying “hello”. For some of us who live in places where we encounter hundreds of people in a day we, for the most part, never push outside our comfortable circles of people we deal with on a day-by-day basis. From entrenching ourselves in these routines and familiar encounters we will sometimes feel awkward with new faces and voices. Over time with this routine our ability to step out will become more and more uncomfortable and possibly debilitating. Here of course is the point of realization. While we are here in our entrenchment the person across from you, entering the same elevator or standing in the same line could be exactly where you are. In a comfortable way find the “bridge” and say hello. I’m not advocating forcing an immediate friendship on the spot just give a friendly hello. With this acknowledgement it recognizes the existence of another human being, just like you and you leave your mark by this simple act of kindness.

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