By Vichara

There will be some things in life that will loose their charm. Remember your first bike? The one that you begged your parents to get you for days? The one with the fancy seat and all of the gears? There was a great deal of excitement for some quite some time after you received it. You took good care of it, cleaned it and made sure the tire pressure was right and avoided bumps and glass. Then after many months later, possibly a year when the scratches and dings just became part of the bike it sort of just transformed form this shiny cool vehicle to just vital means of transport to get you from here to there. Things change, they transform but what we sometimes fail to see is that even though they transform there is still value there. In fact some increase in value like the relationships we have with friends and whom we are married to. As like the bike that transforms so do our relationships but don’t lose sight of the vital essence that still exist in all of them and the value they hold, even with time.

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