Alive or dead?...

By Vichara

We walk among the dead even though they are breathing, walking and talking. The dead are mired in a self-possessed world where there is very little cognizant value that they give others beyond the perfunctory tasks they perform for the dead. The dead believe they are seeing but their vision is myopic at best and life’s peripheral existence does not even illuminate in their eyes to any great extent. The dead can hear but there is very little that registers other then their voices and maybe some of what the other dead are saying. There is some confusion for the dead when thing don’t go quite the way they want it to go but like an over-stimulated child they drop whatever it was and go on. In their wake the dead leave the debris of unfulfilled promises that they made to others to get what they wanted. The dead see only themselves. The question when you look in the mirror – are you alive or one of the dead?

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