Mirror of realization...

By Vichara

There are some people I know that stand in front of a cool refreshing fountain when they are thirsty and don’t even see the water. Then there are others who are oblivious to the sweetest sounds because they can’t stop talking. They will be gazing at such beauty and only see chaos. So is there a way to help them see and be more cognizant? Is there a need to dive into their waters of frenetic energy and hopefully pull them up from the depths of their delusion? I don’t know of any trickery that will be effective and I think the only way is to give them a mirror of realization. You can be pointed in the right direction but unless you are willing and motivated to move forward on your own, it will never happen. For those in this state we can only offer sanctuary, love and compassion to hopefully illuminate a way for them to travel.

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