It's right around the corner...

By Vichara

What is it that will inspire you to reach beyond the barrier of conformity and step into the realm of transcendence? Will you find it in your sock drawer or on the #3 lane of the freeway? Maybe in the half-filled coffee mug in front of you? Where will it be? I could tell you that it is in question VI; verse 5 of the Prashna Upanishad, but that would only flicker for some. I could tell you it is in a piece of music by Vaughn Williams, but that could fall on deaf ears. For many of us it could be a combination of things while for others it could be as simple as a smile. There are as many ways as there are people and we will all find our way of rising from the pettiness and delusion to inspiration and realization. It could be today, this hour, in this minute or just around the corner. The good thing is once you hold the key you will have the ability to keep opening doors and find more fulfillment with each step. Don’t forget to signal when changing lanes.

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