New life here on this planet...

By Vichara

With the ever advancements of science there is a great desire to answer the question – is there life on other planets? Billions have been spent in this pursuit with some brief glimpses and bits of evidence. Most inconclusive unless billions more is spent. Why indeed it is admirable and intriguing to endeavor to answer these questions I do feel sometimes that there is life right here on earth to discover still. I’m not just talking about new plants, birds, bugs and animals but the “life” yet to be discovered between us humanoids. I know my thoughts would be considered naïve and not seeing the bigger picture of exploration but I am not suggesting cutting off the journeys to space but in addition to going out there we also journey here. Perhaps taking a few of the billions and create sustained mutual education programs between countries and cultures to recognize commonalities and discover how we can help each other. I believe that even after thousands of years that there is still life to be discovered here – within our own hearts.

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