What are you reaching for?...

By Vichara

It has been said, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp”. But what are you reaching for? Is the quest moral in nature, frivolous in content or is this drive to go farther propelled by a “good” heart not fully realized. While yes we are never quite sure what lies in front of us, this is always conditional and will turn on a dime. There must be at it’s core the accelerant fused with love, compassion and patience - the good fuel. By firing the engines of our quest this way we will be given more of an opportunity to reach father to those answers and wishes than before. But this again circles back to what are we reaching for? What is it that we hope to find? What is the ultimate goal? No single person except yourself can answer that but you can be sure that by using the “good fuel” you will intuitively know when you reach your destination.

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