While waiting for the light...

By Vichara

On average, we spend two weeks of our lives waiting for the traffic light to change. I would place a safe bet for most of us we use part of that time cursing the light and wishing it damn well better change soon! Our energies expelled for a mechanical device that has no response mechanism to acknowledge our frustrations. So if we live in the urban environment and will be spending this chunk of time waiting what shall we do? Well we could enthusiastically sing-along with the “mamma mia” part of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” while bobbing your head. Ok, ok that’s a bit silly (but fun) but yes perhaps there is something else. What if we think of just one thing that would help out the world around and just do it? Something simple that could change things for the good. Think about it, 2 weeks waiting for that light. Why not use at least a couple of those minutes to do something good.

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