The gallery of life...

By Vichara

Losing a person to the final stage of death feels like a chip has been taken away from the much larger stone sculpture of life. While we think of the sculpture as permanent and strong it too is subject to the state of impermanence. With every person that we witness leaving here one more piece falls away and is filled with memories. At some point the sculpture may become thin of substance and thick with memories. It will change from a sculpture to a watercolor painting, faded in some places but with brush strokes of love and compassion. There is no wrong or right with this scenario – it is just the way it is. We don’t accept this in servitude to the transition but acceptance with its natural outcome. The gallery of our lifetime will house many works of art and the collections will change daily. Our admission to this gallery is with equanimity. Try not to rush through the exhibits in the gallery but stop and appreciate the transitional beauty.

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