By Vichara

Death to boredom! If you are bored you have your eyes closed both literally and figuratively. The “tapestry” that is unfolded to us everyday is so rich and dense that unless you see this someone has blinded you. Through repetition of our daily actions, some of them quite mundane, we can loose track of the simple beauty that ordinary things have! In the shower, the steady stream of water reflecting in the morning light can be a shower of feather weight diamonds cascading all around. The coolness of the morning air can hold nuances of fragrances that could unlock memories. Observing a couple people in a crosswalk ignites the imagination in that you wonder what secret plans they are talking about. A flock of pigeons that sweeps repeatedly in a pattern only known to them. Open you senses up to the cavalcade, it’s worth the price of admission.

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