Finding some answers...

By Vichara

Where do we find the answers we need when we have been consistently manipulated and berated from multiple sources and find it difficult to trust the footing we are on? Who can you trust when it may seem like the many have ulterior motives or are biased by less than credible sources. Where to search, where to find, where to seek safe refuge? I don’t have an answer that I can give; I only raise this as a catalyst to further the search for the “truth”. You may have the answer or part of the answer but raising these questions and others like them I am only trying to ignite that, which is in all of us with the “search”. But many our altruistic searches can get clouded by many unnecessary diversions. Give yourselves the time, the space and the encouragement to poke at the darkness until it bleeds daylight and know that there are others out there that are “thinking” and you are not alone.

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